Thursday, April 10, 2008

Third 20 Mile Day of the Week and My Diet

The run to work was OK. I only slept 6 hours last night and had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning. I almost convinced myself to go back to sleep and skip the run. I guess it's a good thing I didn't. I hit way too many red stoplights on the way in and stopped too much. I'm not going to take that way in anymore. I can go another way that is about 1 mile longer and probably takes nearly the same amount of time.

The run home was much better then the run into work. I did 15+ with a 5.75 mile tempo in the middle. I felt good and strong the entire time. After climbing a little over 200 ft in 1/2 mile, I recovered for 1/2 mile and then started my tempo pace at the 4.5 mile mark. This stretch was the flattest I was going to get with some slight rolling hills. I did a tempo run for 38:37 going 5.75 miles. I was going to do the full 6, but that last 1/4 was all up hill (the beginning of the last 5 mile up hill stretch). Since it was my first tempo, I figured that was enough. My splits were 6:54.3, 6:49.1, 6:50.5, 6:42.7, 6:29.6 and 4:51 (6:23 pace) and my average HR was 173 bpm. According to the results of my VO2 testing (blog yet to come), 173 bpm is my lactate threshhold. The fact that I hit that number was purely coincidental. Since it was my first tempo run in some time, I was just going the pace that felt right. I still need to do a bit of research to see if this run should have been at LT (lactate threshold) or if it should have been harder. Considering I did over 20 this week and have a 20 miler in 2 days, I think this is just fine.

So my totals for the day were 3:16:36 and 25.07 miles which included a 5.75 mile tempo run. I'm happy with the results of this run. One of the most exciting part of the run home happened during the first mile of my tempo running. I was running in the bicycle lane and a snake comes slithering in front of me. This is the first time I've seen a living snake during a run. I also thought I would freak out and my HR would spike through the roof. As you can probably gather, I really am not a fan of snakes. I don't know what kind it was and it was tiny. It was no more than 1 foot long, but that was still too big for my sake. I just kept on moving and stepped out into traffic to avoid it. It must have felt the vibrations because at the closest point he did something that made me think me may turn and go for me, but he just kept moving. Phew!

I've been noticing that my diet has steadily been getting worse. I need to start fueling my body with better food. I'm going to start tracking my daily food consumption as a way of holding myself accountable. I'm not going to get down to calorie counting at this point, but knowing I have to write something down may prevent me from eating or drinking something I shouldn't. I wonder A) if I'll stick with this and B) how this will evolve. Well, I guess time will tell. The food pretty much is listed in the order it was eaten. For now, the drinks will be listed in total since I drink so much during a day. I prefer to see the totals.

  • 1 PowerBar
  • 2 bowls of Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares w/ 12 oz skim milk
  • Chicken Caesar salad from Chicks Natural (too big; should not have finished)
  • 200 calories in Strawberry Clif Shot Blocks
  • hand full of almonds (approx 1 serving)
  • 1 can of Campbell's Beef with Country Vegetable soup
  • 1/2 sleeve of crackers
  • 157 oz - Water
  • 30 oz - Coffee
  • 12 oz - Diet Soda
  • 12 oz - Black Tea
  • 16 oz - skim milk
Grade: B
Consider the amount of time run today, I probably didn't eat enough calories and should have had more, smaller meals (was full this morning and skipped eating before the run). Breakfast and lunch should have been smaller portions. Caesar salad is not the healthiest, but it's the first salad I've had in a long time and a step in the right direction. I didn't do any candy or anything too crazy today. I guess being held accountable by having to write the food down helped. For me, this was a good eating day. Not going to an A because not enough fruits and veggies, probably didn't eat enough today and had a lot of caffeine. I was definitely thirst today as can be seen. Fluids were fine for the day.

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