Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Speed Work During Taper

I've been keeping with the theme of doing speed work while I taper. In fact, the last 3 weeks of speed work has been the best speed work I've done for this race. I know for the most part, this is too little, too late, but I am getting some benefits out of it. I'm keeping the quantity of speed work down so I can have plenty of time to recover. I don't want to wear myself down too much before the race. I checked out my schedule for my St. George training and it had me doing 6x400 at 81 seconds with 400 recoveries. I'm not currently doing my intervals at that pace, but I decided to do a similar work out today. I planned on aiming for 85ish seconds, but since I was doing it on the road and not around the lake, there were hills to contend with. The 3rd interval was pretty much all done up hill. It was a pretty good workout

1 - .25, 87.10s, 171 bpm
2 - .25. 83.60s, 166 bpm
3 - .26, 86.01s, 175 bpm
4 - .25, 100.31s, 172 bpm
5 - .25, 82.27s, 175 bpm
6 - .25, 79.50s 178 bpm

As has been the case the last couple weeks, the quantity and potentially quality of this blog as been lacking. This has been the case for a variety of reasons. Since I'm tapering, there isn't as much running to blog about. And as I've been writing, my work schedule has been very intense lately. Unfortunately, I expect this to be the case for the next couple weeks. Starting in the middle of June, I will start ramping up my training for my next marathon and hopefully not too long afterwards, I'll wrap up my current project at work as well as finish my certification. There should be more consistent content coming then.

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