Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Injury Day #3

I woke up again with a pain in the morning, but it quickly faded throughout the day to the point that I nearly forgot about it. I could definitely feel it at certain points, but it's to the point now where I'm ready to head out again and see how running feels.

I'm going to do a little food experiment today. We had a pot luck today and people brought in all kinds of unhealthy food. Since I'm not exercising again, why not feed my body with junk. OK, I know that's not a good strategy, but this is what I did. So the experiment is going to be this. I'm eating a big chocolate chip muffin and washing it down with a Mountain Dew. Basically I'm chasing down fat and sugar with more sugar. I want to see what happens to my mindset and attention span in the next hour or two. Here goes nothing.
  • as I've been getting slightly more sleep this week and I've consumed tons of caffeine so far today, I'm feeling pretty awake and mentally alert
  • starting eating and drinking at 1:25 pm
  • finished food and drink approximately 1:35 pm
  • 1:50 pm - starting to feel a "wave" of tiredness coming in
  • 2:05, having a bit of trouble full concentrating on what I'm doing and I'm a bit tired yet. No longer feel "big wave of tired approaching"
  • 2:20, same as last time. Unable to focus on problem I'm trying to solve and I'm still tired.
  • 2:45, still distracted, but feel close to what I was before the experiment started, just a bit more tired
  • 3:20 feel like I'm back to what I was before now.
In the two hours of the experiment, I had some water and got up to go to the bathroom once or twice. Towards the end, I started listening to higher energy music. So, energy level may have come back to normal by way of my body processing all the sugar and blood insulin levels getting back to normal and/or music/walking/water helped stabilize energy levels

The debacle that is my "training" regimen and diet continues. As I continue to not be able to train, my diet continues to get worse. I'm getting more and more frustrated which is causing me to self destruct. Not that anyone is reading this, but sadly enough, this is happening in a public manner. Normally, this kind of a thing is kept to myself and I destruct for a few days, snap out of it and I'm back to normal. As this is a bit out of control because it was induced by something (I'm not sure what) and continued by injury and by the fact that I'm putting all this down in print, it feels that much more out of control. I have 20+ mile run this weekend and I have not run in over 4 days. In additional, I've imploded by binging on food and alcohol over the last week. How do I stop this downward spiral.

In the effort to end this on a positive note, as I feel like utter poo right now, I found a new, fun song today by Carbon Leaf. It's a great, Irish sounding song that seems to get me pumped up. I found it on Irish and Celtic Music Podcast and bought in on iTunes. Here's a link to the Amazon download.

Food Journal

  • a few hand fulls of Cinnamon Nature Valley Crunchy
  • Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese
  • Bean Dip and Fritos
  • Chocolate Chip Muffin
  • ----------------------------
  • a bunch of pizza
  • 84 oz Water
  • ~50 oz Coffee
  • 12 oz Diet Dr. Pepper
  • 12 of Mountain Dew
  • -----------------------------
  • a bunch of beer and wine

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