Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Speed Work - 800 Repeats

Somehow, I was actually awake today. After Only sleeping 4 1/2 hours last night and 5 1/2 the night before, I somehow found the energy after work to put in a quality speed session. The schedule called for 4x800 @ 5:36 /mile pace with 2 minute recoveries. Since the weather cooled off nicely, it was very pleasant out there after work. That 10+ degree difference in the temperatures makes a huge difference for me. Before the run, I decided the recoveries would be 1 minute walking followed by 1 minute jogging. Two minutes seems like a long recovery for 800 repeats, but hey, I'm not complaining. After a 10 minute warm up, here's what I did. The intervals show time, (pace) and avg HR while the recoveries show time, distance and avg HR.

#1 - 2:51.20 (5:41), 175
(rec)2:01.38, 0.18, 151
#2 - 2:41.27 (5:23), 177
(rec)2:01.59, 0.19, 158
#3 - 2:41.58 (5:22), 180
(rec)2:01.28, 0.18, 161
#4 - 2:42.03 (5:21), 181

I was pleasantly surprised by how good I felt out there today. I didn't expect to hit the goal pace on any of the intervals. I thought they would all be right around there the first interval was. I'm sure I'll be paying for my lack of sleep just as I have for the last 5 weeks, but for the time being, I feel good.

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