Monday, April 7, 2008

Running 20 Today

This morning run went far better then I expected. I ran nearly 11 miles and averaged around 8:15 pace while keeping my average HR around 138. Considering how I felt during yesterday's run and the fact that I ran 18 yesterday, I assumed today was going to be a waste. Not that this is any surprise, but I was unable to fall asleep last night. After yesterday's run, my body needed rest and recovery. I probably needed about 9 hours of sleep. I didn't fall asleep until somewhere around midnight. The 5:45 alarm came mighty quick. Knowing that my body is slow to respond to lack of sleep, I will be paying for this later in the week. Especially considering that from this past Sunday through next Saturday, I will be running approximately 90 miles. I think I'm going to have to make every effort to aim for 8+ hours of sleep every night. We'll see how far I miss that goal by in a few days.

The run home didn't feel quite as good as the run into work. I felt a bit more tired which I feel is understandable since my total for the last 2 days is 41 miles. I felt like I had energy and a good turnover the entire time. I was happy with my effort. Even when I felt tired and felt like I was hardly moving, I checked my pace and saw that I was still doing sub 8s going uphill. So, it was just all mental at that point because of the physical exertion I had given over the past 2 days.

I do think I could rename this blog to "How to Train Right and Eat Wrong" or even "How Not to Train for a Marathon". One could argue about how smart running 40+ miles in 2 days is, but I don't have a problem with that. My problem comes with my nutrition. It has been atrocious lately. I had a shake before the morning run and a power bar after the run. So far, so good. For lunch, I felt like Mexican (mistake #1). I got the 2 burrito meal. Given the price of this meal compared to other meals, I didn't think they would actually give me 2 real burritos. Well, I was wrong. Carrying the container that this meal came in was a workout in itself. No wonder this country is so stinking fat. There has to be enough calories in this meal of at least 3 people to overeat. I got a chicken burrito and a beef burrito along with rice and beans. Well, I took one bite of the beef burrito and it was all nasty and juicy. Blech! And it was full of onions and peppers, which I don't like. In the trash it goes. Next comes the chicken burrito. Full of onions, but the chicken was good. This flour tortilla around this thing probably had about 20 grams of fat. Very buttery and floury. I took it apart to eat the chicken and pulled off couple pieces of the tortilla. Still, so far, so good. Now is where things get dicey. The beans were extremely unhealthy, but tasty. I didn't just want to eat the rice and beans by themselves. So I go to the vending machine and buy a bag of nacho flavored Doritos and proceed to dip them in the rice and beans to finish them off. I'm sure that was way too many calories and far too much fat. I felt like something sweet afterwards so I go back to the vending machine and buy a Milky Way. What an idiot. I justified it by saying, "Hey, I'm running over 20 today". During the run home I had a bag of Sport Beans and did pita chips with roasted red pepper hummus after my run. Not much of a recovery snack, but it could have been worse. Dinner wasn't bad as it was milk, chicken soup and crackers. Again I wanted something sweat so I had 2 small pieces of candy. I finished off the night with 2 Samuel Adams Light beers. Wow!!! I don't think you will find most of these ideas written in print anywhere. I'm sure I could do way worse, but with putting in the miles I'm putting in, I need to (re)fuel my body properly. This is just plain ridiculous.

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