Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Recovery Day

Today was another down today. I got some much needed sleep as I ended up getting 11 hours of sleep. I have been so far being the past few weeks and then last week's craziness put me even further behind. I spent the day relaxing and catching up on some TV. I watched Tiger continue his streak of not winning every tournament he enters. I watched Idol Gives Back (and was bummed I missed the chance to donate to the cause) and the results show. I'm definitely not happy that Michael Johns went home. I loved his voice and wanted him to stay on for a few more weeks. I also did a few odds and ends around the house and did some shopping.

Fortunately today is supposed to be the last day of this ridiculously hot spell we've been in. It's been mid 90s for the last few days. It's a good thing too as I'm doing my speed work session tomorrow instead of Tuesday. My softball season starts and it's on Tuesday this week. So tomorrow's workout will be 5x1600 with something like 2-3 minute recoveries. Doing this workout in 9o+ degree temperatures would be quite unpleasant. I haven't done mile repeats in awhile so I'm not sure what to expect. I did have a running buddy mention to me last week that he wants to run together and qualify for Boston at the Rock N Roll Marathon. As I have not been doing much speed work yet, this may be quite difficult for me. For him, he is just getting back into shape as he and his wife just had their first child. Even with that, he can probably run the race backwards and still qualify. For me, well, let's just say that the speed work for the next 4 weeks will be that much more important. The time he wants to get will be a PR for me. The RnR Marathon isn't the hardest one out there, but it's far from the easiest.

Even though my diet for the day doesn't completely agree with the following statement, I do believe it to be true. One thing that may help people with their diets is to write down everything they eat. I have found that since I've been writing down what I eat every day, I'm finding that I'm not snacking as much or eating really bad food in large quantities as much. I know if I eat it, I have to write it down. Since I don't want to write it down, I don't eat it or I eat something healthier instead.


  • Chex Mix
  • Souplantation
    • salad
    • 4 blueberry muffins
    • 4 pizza things
    • frozen yogurt, brownie, chocolate sauce
  • Almonds
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken (not fried) Pick Up Stix
  • Brown Rice
  • 2 Peppermint Patties (small)
  • 1 piece candy
  • 3 icees
  • 60 oz Water
  • 12 oz Tea
  • ~30 oz Diet Coke
  • 12 oz Diet Dr. Pepper
  • 12 oz Skim Milk
  • 12 oz Samuel Adams Light
  • 12 oz Downtown Brown
Grade: C-
Lots of food today. Lots of calories. The good thing about all this is that my portion sizes were smaller then normal. I ate less at Souplantation than normal and I was actually hungry for dinner. This is the first time I tried the non-fried sweet and sour meal at Pick Up Stix. Definitely way healthier, but it was only OK. I didn't eat very much of it. So then I had a few desserts. No worries.

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