Sunday, April 6, 2008

Carlsbad 5000 and Today's Long Run

As I mentioned yesterday, I had to do my weekly long run on Sunday this week instead of Saturday. I met up with a running buddy in Carlsbad and we ran to the start of the Carlsbad 5000 today. We jumped into the race and did a few laps of the course. We never went down the finishing or starting chute, but we got to join in the fun with a lot of people. I don't really feel this was banditing the course as we just ran part of the course and spent most of the time on the side, away from congestion. This is a good way to pass time as you are doing a long run. The miles just melted away. By the time we got to about 14ish, we turned around to head home. As I suspected yesterday, it was not an easy run today. I ended up getting bruised on my legs and back from go kart racing yesterday. So there was some discomfort from that. In addition, my legs were more sore then normal for some reason. My HR was extremely elevated for most of the run today. Even when I did not feel like I was pushing it, I was over 160 a lot. Not sure what happened, but I'm just going to chalk it up to the end of a bad week.

I want to get 2 20+ mile runs in during the week. I don't really want to do one tomorrow, but unless I completely change things around, I won't get my first chance until Thursday. So, Monday it is. I'll just take it easy tomorrow as today felt a bit more difficult then I'd like. Tuesday I'll do my normal ATP speedwork and then Wednesday to the gym. Thursday I'll run into work again and Friday will either be a day off or the gym again. Next Saturday will be another 20 miler. This will be the end to what will likely be a difficult week.

After the run today, I did tons of running around and shopping. None of it is very exciting except the last thing I did was to go out and buy a new 24" Samsung LCD monitor. I finally have a realistic resolution at home. This is nice as I'll be able to get much more on the screen.

I'm pretty worn out and think I'll be retiring early tonight. It was a long tough weekend and I have to wake up early tomorrow to run into work. With that, I'll leave this one short.

P.S., I promise the VO2 max info will come one of these days.

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