Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Best Pre-Run Meal

I did something last night that I try to avoid when I'm in heavy training. In general, I try to eat better and smarter. It turns out, that this may not be enough food, but that's not the point. For the third time now after eating this meal Friday night, I've had an awesome run. The meal is... Domino's Pizza. :) Friday night I had a bit over 1/2 of a large pepperoni pizza from Domino's and just killed the run this morning. The schedule called for 18. I was pushing the pace the entire time and could have easily tacked on more at the end if anyone wanted to do more. It was great. I felt like it didn't take much effort today and my heart rate reflected this feeling as well. I ended up averaging 7:50 over 18 miles and it was easy. Sweet! I guess all this speed work I'm doing is paying off. Plus, the weather today was perfect.

OK, so I'm joking a bit about the pizza, but I'm serious that I'm now 3 for 3 with great runs after the meal. I think the more probably reason behind it is that I don't eat enough generally and I feel better because I have more food in my system. I also think that my body processes food for a long time. I don't think that it takes excess food and stores it as fat nearly as fast as it does for normal people when overeating. I feel like I'm able to draw on food from the night before which gives me more energy. Of course, it's entirely possible that I'm just full of it. Anyway you look at it though, if I think it gives me an edge, then this gives me more confidence which actually does give me an edge.

Not too much to report on the baby yet. I'll give some updates when there are updates to give.

Our house has been on the market for 1 week now and we've had 1 showing so far. Ugh! That's not very encouraging. So far, we have 1 scheduled for tomorrow. Even though I'm a realist, I'm pretty optimistic that we'll sell the house sooner than the market has been indicating we should sell. Until that happens though, the realist in me is preventing me from getting too excited about any of the houses we are looking at. We saw a nice one today that was just put on the market. I have a feeling this one won't be available by the time we decide to finally put some offers out there. Bummer!

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