Friday, April 18, 2008

A Real Down Day

Even thought I got some sleep last night, I woke up exhausted and beat up. I felt like I got run over by a car. Since I have been trying to ensure I don't over train, I decided I needed another day off, especially since my mind is starting to falter. It's better to rest than push it since it's only April and since I have a busy year in front of me.

It seems my frustrations continue and are out of control again today. I wasn't going to put anything in blog today to hide what I ate and my emotional state. But I guess if I'm going to use this to help me grow and improve, neglecting to put the bad stuff down will not help me. There are other things going on other than me being tired that are causing me to be depressed, but I'm not ready to put those down in a public forum at this point.

That's it for today.

Food Journal

  • 2 bowls Strawberry Medley Cereal with 12 oz Skim Milk
  • 1 Soft Beef Taco
  • 1 Cheese Enchilada
  • Rice & Beans
  • 6 oz French Vanilla Yogurt
  • Rubio's Health Mex Burrito and Chips
  • 3 Icees
  • 60 oz Water
  • ~30 oz Coffee
  • 24 oz Diet Dr. Pepper
  • 12 oz Mountain Dew
  • ~15 oz Vanilla Coke (was supposed to be diet)
  • 24 oz Amber Bock
  • 12 oz Sam Adams Light
  • 1 glass Wine


Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

Hey Eric,

We're so sorry for the things you're going through right now, but are sure they'll improve. We promise to give you a hug the next time we see you.

Take care,
Michelle & Bryan

Eric Smidt said...

My first comment. How exciting. :) Thanks Michelle. It's still weird posting my personal feelings in a public forum like this, but I think it does help me to get some of these thoughts written out. Now that I know someone may actually read what I write, I may need to start spell/grammar checking what I write. :)