Thursday, May 1, 2008

Long Tempo Run

As is usually the case when children are involved, directly or indirectly, plans are never set in stone. This was the case today. Due to Max's doctor appointment today, Andy wasn't able to make the run today until later in the afternoon. I didn't really want to meet at that later point in the afternoon as the traffic in that direction usually starts to become atrocious. So we decided to do our own thing for the day. I decided to head to Miramar Lake to get in a couple laps. By the time I got to the lake, my motivation was down a bit. I decided to do one lap of tempo. I definitely did not feel as good today as yesterday. It was 10 degrees warmer and the sun was out, but it still was very nice out. The first mile that was more of a warm up was 7:41 followed by 7:04, 7:00, 7:04 and 6:57. My average HR was a bit lower, but that did include a 3/4 mile cool down and the slower start. Overall the effort was a bit harder today and it definitely felt harder.

There is a trend starting here that I am not liking. I seem to be talking myself out of planned workouts. But then again, the planned workouts are pretty random anyway. Once again this points to me needing a training plan. I followed a bit of a plan last fall, but for the most part, over the last few years, I've pretty much been flying by the seat of my pants. I think if I want to start taking this seriously again, I need a training plan. I do well when I've got a schedule to follow. Unfortunately, I sometimes follow it too well. Even when I feel run down or tired or too busy, I still get the workout. Not always a good thing. But I think it will be different this time. Since the race is only 4 1/2 weeks away, there really no point in creating a plan anymore for RnR. As long as I get into St. George, I guess that will be the time to start following my new plan. First things first, I need to find one.

The Cubs appear to be headed back to their normal place. Coming into today, they still have the 2nd best record in baseball. They played 8 great innings today and went into the 9th with a 2 run lead. Kerry Wood pulled an Eric Gagne and gave up three runs and the Cubs lost. They have now lost 5 of 7. They did have a ridiculously good start, but this is not making me feel too good right now.

Brooke went home this week. Since it wasn't Jason, I guess she was next on the list. It just sucks that Jason continues to make it week after week when he is the weakest singer, but when you run the competition the way this is run, you have to take the good with the bad.

By the way, GTA IV is amazingly, awesome. I have not been able to play it very much yet, but it's a lot of fun. There are way too many wasted hours coming in my future in front of this game.

Food Journal

  • 1 1/2 bowl Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares with 10 oz Skim Milk
  • Original Jamba Juice - Orange Dream Machine with Protein
  • leftover Chicken Breast, Brown Rice and Peas
  • Milky Way Candy Bar
  • PowerBar
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Almonds
  • Soft Chicken Taco, semi-crunchy Beef Taco, Rice, Beans, Chips
  • 5 Otter Pops
  • 147 oz Water
  • ~35 oz Coffee
  • 24 oz Diet Dr. Pepper

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