Tuesday, May 20, 2008

12 Day 'til Race Day

ATP is done for the upcoming Rock and Roll Marathon that is only 12 weeks away. So I decided to do some speed work on my own today. It was not the best session in the world as my diet was horrible this afternoon, but I was happy with my effort considering this. I did 5x800s with 400 recoveries. If you remove the oddity of the 2nd interval, it was pretty steady with an increased effort for the last two. The second felt like it was into the wind the entire time and I felt like I was pushing really hard and struggling to increase my speed. These workouts are going to be too little, too late, but at the very least, they are successful in increasing my confidence heading into the race. I had about 3-4 questionable weeks before the last couple that really had me doubting this race. At this point, I'm confident.

.51, 2:57.13, 169 bpm
.25, 2:01.14, 161 bpm
.50, 3:03.56, 171 bpm
.25, 2:02,39, 160 bpm
.50, 2:58.46, 172 bpm
.25, 2:05.97, 160 bpm
.50, 2:55.88, 175 bpm
.25, 1:59.82, 166 bpm
.50, 2:50.40, 178 bpm

I haven't really thought about my exact goals for the race yet. Let's take a stab here. I think my "A" goal is 3:15 with my "B" goal being 3:20. My "C" goal which would be a complete disappointment is beating last year's time when I was definitely in worse shape and heavier. That time was 3:26:09. I'll start off at 7:30 which is right around my "A" goal pace, see how I feel after the first few miles and adjust accordingly.

Marc Fit is slowly getting its root set in the internet world. A lot of members have joined the Athlinks group and the Facebook group is growing as well. Photos are being added to both. Feel free to join and add any photos you may have.

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