Thursday, May 8, 2008

Quality versus Quantity

As my time has been extremely tight this week because of reasons previously mentioned, I was forced to focus on the quality of my workouts rather than the quantity. I did 5 miles of repeats on Tuesday. The lengths of the intervals were inconsistent as I ran into a few problems with the treadmill. I had a couple extra hours built into the schedule this morning and decided to get another workout in. Since I didn't have a lot of time, I decided to put in another interval workout. They got progressively faster until I was going all out for me (and the treadmill). I hit a max HR that I hadn't hit in years, so I guess I was working pretty good.

As mentioned, the workout was on a treadmill and I set the incline at 1.5%. (For those who do not know, setting a treadmill between 1%-2% is more of an accurate representation of running out doors.) I ran 6.5 miles for 48:34
1 mile warm up (avg HR 143 bpm)
1 mile IV - 7:05.42 (170 bpm)
.25 recover - 2:09.3 (160 bpm)
1 mile IV - 6:54.15 (173 bpm)
.25 recover - 2:11.07 (166 bpm)
1 mile IV - 6:40.60 (176 bpm)
.25 recovery - 2:11.23 (174 bpm)
.50 IV - 3:01.20 (181 bpm)
.25 recovery - 2:15.75 (178 bpm)
.25 IV - 1:24.00 (183 bpm)
.25 recovery - 2:25.05 (178 bpm)
.25 IV - 1:18.65 (182 bpm)
.25 recover - 2:23.97 (179 bpm)

All in all, it was a pretty good workout in a short amount of time. Not sure that it's a great marathon specific speed workout, but it felt great and I'm sure there was plenty to be gained from the session.

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