Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Night Before Race Day

Today was a very good taper day. I slept in and got 10 hours of sleep. I spent a couple hours outside today watching little league baseball playoffs and then inside playing cards for a couple hours. I've had a bottle of water in my hands drinking throughout the day. I had my normal pre-race dinner of chicken and rice. I also had some bread and some potatoes. I think I'm all carb'ed up. This was a very good rest day right before the big day. At this point, I'm not to nervous yet. I need to get up in 7.5 hours, but unfortunately, I'm not ready for bed yet.

The plan for the morning is to get up at 4 AM, drink my breakfast which will be 1/2 serving of N-large weight gainer with 8 oz of skim milk. I've done this before a lot of races and long runs and have had pretty good success. It's about 400 calories and 35 grams of protein. During the race, I plan on taking 1 Crank Sports gel every 45 minutes. These are 150 calories containers. I will take one right before a water stop and wash it down with a cup or two of water. The one thing that I will try changing tomorrow is my water consumption. I usually take one cup at every water stop and still feel quite dehydrated. The goo I'm taking in requires a bit more water too. So I'm going to aim for 2 cups of water at every water station tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.
Wish me luck. My number is 1337. The goal is to start around 7:30 per mile and then average 7:26 miles until 18-20. If by some odd chance, I'm feeling good, I will pick it up a bit. If not, I'll aim to maintain that pace to the end. That pace for a marathon will be 3:14:45 and it would be my 3rd fastest. If I can knock 30 seconds off that and beat 3:14:19, it will be my second fastest. I guess I'll know in less than 13 hours. Woohoo! I'm psyched for this one.

Stay tuned in the next day or so for my race report.

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