Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Stressful Taper

I've never been very good at the taper. I never want to back down on my training. Plus when I never feel quite as fresh come race day if I taper too much. For the past few races, I've kept the intensity up while dropping down on the total distance. My training for this upcoming race has been all over the map to include some really poor weeks recently. I feel that I want to make up for lost time a bit and push it. I know this is wrong, but it's a feeling that I'm really fighting right now. I do not have much spare time from day to day right now like I usually do. It's nearly impossible for me to get out for a run today, but I feel like I really should get it in. I had a good quality run yesterday and plan on another good quality run tomorrow. So today would either be an easy recover run or a workout at the gym. Since I've missed my last I don't know how many gym sessions, I won't get into the importance of that. Since today would just be a recovery run, I guess it's not important. However, I feel like I'm continuing to screw myself over by missing yet another workout session. So I'm stressed about missing the workout and I'm stressed about trying to find time in the day to get it in.

Stress... just what the doctor calls for in every taper. Oh yeah, I've got the sleep part starting out well too. I'm averaging about 5 1/2 hours of sleep a night so far this week and there are no signs indicating that this will change any time soon. Can anyone see that I'm setting myself up for failure in this race? I know I'm doing it all wrong, but I can't do too much about my schedule right now. Bad timing I guess. Not much I can do about it right now so I'll just deal with it.

I ended up being too busy to get the run in today and as I will be too busy to run again tomorrow during the day, I'm going to get the run in first thing in the morning. I will make it the best I can, but since A) I'm not a morning person and B) I haven't been sleeping enough lately, it should be interesting. I think the goal for tomorrow's run will be 1 mile warmup, 5 mile tempo at something like 6:45s-7:00s and a 1 mile cool down. This is where a structured program would come in handy. I would just wake up and do what was on the schedule.

Anyone taking notes on what not to do yet?

I spent a little time yesterday starting on my St. George training plan. In reality, I was procrastinating the work I had to do and finally got around to the procrastinating that I had been doing for the run schedule. I have a bit more to do before I publish it. It will be a 16 week schedule starting about 2 weeks after Rock n Roll. Speed work starts the first week and I will be doing 3 - 1600s at 5:51. Ugh! I will explain the absurdity of these numbers when I give the details of the schedule.

Enough procrastinating for the night. Back to work.

Food Journal

  • 1 1/2 bowls of Cinnamon Oatmeal Crunch Cereal w/ 10 oz Skim Milk
  • Celery, Carrot, Breadsticks, Hot Wing
  • Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice w/ 1/2 sleeve Crackers
  • Health Mex Chicken Burrito and Chips
  • 131 oz Water
  • 40 oz Coffee
  • 12 oz Diet Dr. Pepper
  • 12 oz Mountain Dew
  • 12 oz Skim Milk

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