Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Last Speed Session

Today was the last scheduled "speed" session. It was hardly enough to even be called a run. I went out and did approximately 3 miles at race pace. Race pace is going to start out at 7:26 per mile. As I was on a couple hills and feeling out the pace and didn't have a lot of time to adjust, my pace was a bit faster than race pace. It felt good and my HR stayed in check most of the time. The weather was sunny and 77 degrees. Since this is warmer than what is forecast for Sunday morning, I'm feeling very confident about race day now. Mile averages for today:
1 - 7:12.68, 151 bpm
2 - 7:18.04, 158 bpm
3 - 7:00.10, 158 bpm

The temperature forecast for Sunday morning dropped 4 degrees since I last checked. Actually, I just realized I was checking the temperature by my house, which is always warmer. The weather for the airport is predicted to be 5 degrees cooler than that. Things are shaping up nicely. It's supposed to be cloudy in the morning with highs of 66 and lows of 59. This isn't perfect race day weather, but it's pretty close. I don't think we can ask for too much more as far as the conditions go.

The softball game tonight was so much more enjoyable compared to last week. We lost 10-12, but the team played very well. We played last year's champion who is a very good team. We played solid D, probably the best we've played all season and after a slow start, we hit pretty well. The game was about 45 minutes shorter than last week which also very nice. As it was a much better team that played better and hit better (and harder), I was able to focus a bit more today and it showed. I still didn't play to my normal level, but I was able to make some solids plays today. I was also 2 for 3 with an RBI and a run scored as well. I left 2 stranded in scoring position to end the inning in my 2nd AB. It was a good pitch too, but I dropped my shoulder a bit and flew out to center instead of lining in in the outfield in front of the center like I was trying to do.

Season Stats
G - 5
AB - 20
R - 13
H - 14
2B - 3
3B - 4
HR - 3
RBI - 23
SF - 2
AVG - .700
SLG - 1.700

How about them Cubbies baby?!?! With the Cubs win today and the Devil Rays loss, the Cubs now have the best record in the Major Leagues. Woohoo!!! They've looked good the past 3 days having come from behind late in the games. They are amazing at home. They just need to work on the road winning percentage a bit. As they blew a few last week last in the game, they could easily have 2 or 3 more wins this season without thinking about it.

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