Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So far this has been an uncomfortable trip for various reasons. Things are getting better, but I'm definitely out of my comfort zone. What's uncomfortable you ask? Well, for starters, I'm not a city guy. Being in a big, unknown city is intimidating. This is likely partially due to me being directionally challenged amongst other things. Tack on to the city that I'm attending my first conference. The unknown of everything going on around here is quite intimidating. For some reason, I completely filled my schedule so most days I'm busy from 8:30 AM - 9:20 PM with very little break. The next intimidating thing is being around so many people. I'm much happier with a smaller group of people that I know rather then all these people I do not know. I guess with well over 10,000 people here, it's easy enough to just blend in, but still. The final problem is trying to find time to exercise. As I filled my time so full here, I'm finding it hard to get time to run or anything. I was able to get in a 5 mile interval run last night at 9pm on a treadmill. I will not be back in my room tonight until after 9:30 so it's unlikely that I will get anything in today. Maybe I'll try an up tempo 20-30 minute workout.

Sorry for the lack of content and all this whining. I had a couple minutes to post something and these are the thoughts on my mind

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