Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Softball and More Softball

My AFC race report should be coming tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have not had much time to do it yet. For example, I was pretty much gone from the house today from morning until now. I had a full day's work, which included me getting out for my first post race run, played softball, and then played softball again.

The first game today was the beer league. We are now in the loser's bracket having been crushed the week before. Tonight we played the team that we beat the first time 39-15. We should have scored more that game and they should have scored less. It was a very much different team tonight. I think they improved a bit and also picked up some talent. It was a very close game the entire way. We pulled ahead a bit at the end and hung on for a 14-10 win. At this point, we play until we lose or win it all. I did ok tonight, I was 3-5 with 1 run scored, 1 double and 1 sac fly. I reached on error once and the sac fly and other out were both hard hit line drives to the left fielder. Not great, but definitely an improvement from the last couple weeks. My fielding was solid. I made every play hit to me at short stop including 2 over the shoulder catches heading out to center and 1 more that had me completely laying out for a ball hit over the 2nd base to make the out. Sweet! The team played great. We only had 9 players, but fielded a very solid team. Very encouraging.

I then rushed home, got a quick snack and headed out for my other game in the competitive league. We are winless playing against the other winless team in the league. The other team has outscored us by 50%. We hit like mad men out there tonight and pulled out a 22-10 win. I was something like 4 for 5 in that game with a double, an rbi or 2 and a few runs scored. The only bad thing is that when I slid into 2nd for my double, I tore up my legs. I skinnned my ankle and knee pretty good. The very next play, I slid head first into third and scraped the heck out my hand, finger, hip and took a huge chunk. Out of my right arm near my elbow. It was full of dirt and bleading like crazy. When I got home, I cleaned it out with water only and put some neosporin on it. I hope that works. It is the deepest gash I've ever had taken out of me. Hopefully neosporin is enough. Given my lack on medical knowledge, not sure what else to do. That is more than I usually do for my scrapes and cuts. In fact, I did nothing for the test of them. Oh well, I guess if something happens to me then we'll know what it was.

Anyway, gotta run as it's late and I've got more stuff to do before bed.

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