Saturday, August 23, 2008

Endurance Session

Today ended up being quite the marathon session. By the time noon rolled around and all was said and done, I ended up running 18 miles and cycling 34 miles. I have not been on my bike in about 1 1/2 years, but I ended up doing relatively well, especially considering the run of 18 miles prior.

I started off by running 17.66 miles at an average of 8:07 per mile in 2:23:22. This included quite a bit of rolling hills along with some trail running. It ended up being 1164 feet of elevation gain during the run. My HR averaged 152 bpm and maxed out at 179.

I then road home and got on my bike and rode 34.45 miles in 2:11:02. This included all the stops at a bazillian stop lights and stop signs. My legs were definitely feeling it, especially withing the first few minutes that started off up hill. It was an up and down ride as my energy levels were up and down. Every time I through down goo, my energy level spiked and I would do good for about 4 miles or so. The HR effort averaged 144 and maxed out at 170 during the 1044 feet of elevation gain.

I knew that hydration and food were going to be very important during these workouts so I made sure I took in enough. Let's see if I can recall everything before and during both.

Slim Fast like diet drink 250 calories (8 oz of fluid)
During and after run, 57 ounces of water
150 calorie eGel goo
250 calorie Power Bar after the run
Approximately 12 oz of Gatorade
During the ride, 40 ounces of water containing 2 Nuun tablets
3 goos at 100 calories each

Took in a lot of calories, elecroltyes and fluids. I think I could have done a couple more calories and a little more fluids, but all in all, it ended up helping considerably.

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