Friday, August 8, 2008

The Bowling Master

We had a team building event today at a bowling alley. It was actually a fun time and it was good to take a couple hours out of the day after so many days of being busy. We had so much ridiculous food that I used to be all for. It was all my prior staples. Pizza, chicken tenders, wings, and tons of other fried ridiculousness and topped off with beer and soda. I had some of most of the stuff, but kept myself from going over the top like I usually do when presented with that type of food. I do have an 18 miler tomorrow morning after all.

We bowled one game with 3 5 person teams. Every other frame we had to do something funky like bowl with your opposite hand, no fingers in the holes, between the legs, standing on one leg and blind folded. My team took it down by quite a few pins. We had the 2nd and 3rd overall high scores with me being number 3. Then we all just played a regular game bowling normally. A long time ago I bowled in a league for a season. During this time, I got my own ball and shoes. I showed up today with my bag and everyone thought that I was a ringer. I did manage to bowl over 200 twice I think, but nothing crazy. I had only played 1 time in the last 10 years. So I started this other game and went on a crazy heater. I bowled a game like I don't believe I've ever bowled before. It was awesome. No open frames. I'm confident I've never done that before. Everyone was impressed, but didn't much believe me that I hadn't played in 10 years. I ended up with a 226 having only gotten a spare in the 10th. Check out this line.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
X / / X X X X / X /T

How crazy is that? I guess the pins were just going my way today.

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