Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Check Up #3

We had our 3rd baby check up today. I guess it was fairly routine as the doctor asked a few questions and we got to ask a few questions. At our last visit, the doctor used the doppler to find the heart beat. She found it right away and we got the first sounds from our baby. Very exciting. Today, it was quite as quick or simple. Not that the doctor was at all worried, but I was a little nervous as it took her a good minute or two to finally find the heart beat. It seems that "he" is an active guy and running all over the place in there. I say "he" because, of course we don't know yet. I'm thinking "he" and Wendy is thinking "she". The good news is that we were told to call and set up an appointment for our ultrasound between weeks 18-20. We are in week 16 right now. We are going to try set it up at week 19. This is the time that we will find out the sex of the baby, amongst a host of other things. If you have a spare moment, take the poll and cast your vote on what you think the baby will be.

After the appointment I headed down to play the first game of the playoffs in our softball league. We ended up at 6th seed out of 14 teams and we were to play the 12th ranked team. I was fill in coach again and put together a solid line up. I have a feel the team we played may not have been the team that played all year as they played much better than a 12th ranked team. It was a fast, back and forth game and that had a you 3 up, 3 down innings for both teams. By the end of 9, it was 14-14. We went into the 10th and scored 2. We were able to hold them off at the bottom of the inning to pull out the win 16-14. Sweet. I played good tonight. My fielding was solid. My first 2 ABs were pretty weak, and I started 0-2. The next 4 ABs I was 4 for 4 with 4 runs scored, 2 doubles, 2 triples and 5 RBIs. Not too shabby. This is a double elimination tournament and it's probably a good thing as we play the #2 team next week.

Season Stats
G - 13
AB - 66
R - 42
H - 42
2B - 13
3B - 11
HR - 6
RBI - 51
SF - 4
AVG - .636
SLG - 1.439

Tournament Stats
G - 1
AB - 6
R - 4
H - 4
2B - 2
3B - 2
HR - 0
RBI - 5
SF - 0
AVG - .667
SLG - 1.667

The light at the end of the tunnel for my ridiculous schedule is fading in and out. Our date of 8/20 is now in jeopardy and it's going to be up to politics for when we finally get to release our code to production. We will continue to aim for the 20th until we hear differently. After all these months of ridiculous hours, I need to be able to keep my eye on something in the hopes that this does not go on forever. After back to back nights of finishing at 1:30 and getting up by 6, I'm getting pretty fed up. Not that I'm not up late working every night, but the last 2 have been a bit worse. With that said, I guess it's time to get back to the grind.

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