Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Relaxation and The Olympics

Ah, the feeling of not working at night during the week feels so good. I'm more relaxed and way less stressed. Even though we haven't released our code to production yet, we can definitely see a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. It's still unofficial and once again the counter is reset to 2 weeks, but hopefully this will be the last time that date gets pushed out. We are winding down our development work, mostly supporting the testers by fixing/enhancing things a bit. I'm hoping that the last 2 week before our release will be relatively normal and much more relaxing. This will give more time for family, working out and the Olympics.

I'm a huge nut of the Olympics. Every 2 years, I basically do not sleep as they are happening. I used to Divo (that would be DVR) everything that was broadcast and watch as much as possible. That's impossible these days as NBC is broadcasting something like 3,600 hours of the Olympics this year on TV and the internet. So I'm forced to only watch prime time stuff this year. I was pretty sure I would get to watch anything with my ridiculous work schedule, but it appears things are starting to calm down just in time.

Just really quick, also did speed work today.
Goal was 1 mile (5:51), 2 mile (6:00), 2x800(5:36) with 400,800,400 for recoveries. I ended up breaking the 2 mile repeat into 2x1 mile as I felt a bit tired. Looking at the results for the day, I should have kept going during the 2 mile interval.
1.00, 5:45.22, 175
1.00, 6:00.50, 174
1.00, 5:56.41, 177
.51, 2:51.30 (5:37), 180
.50, 2:47.72 (5:33), 180

Well, I'm not working late, but it is still nevertheless late. So not getting sleep when I can relax is way different than not getting sleep because of stressing out for work or studying for work related things. Since I usually end up losing sleep during the Olympics, this is expected. I guess I probably shouldn't push things so much tomorrow.

The worst things about staying up late tonight is that I'm trying to catch the end of the men's gymnastics. I'm watching them continue to choke during this last rotation. What a waste. I could've gotten more sleep. Oh well.

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