Saturday, June 14, 2008

The End of the Recovery

This is my last weekend of recovery after the RnR. To celebrate, I decided to miss the group run and get some much needed sleep. As has been the case for the past few weeks, I was basically surviving on caffeine and very little sleep. I got to sleep around 12:30 and planned on waking up whenever Wendy woke me up. She later told me that her plan was to let me sleep as late as possible, just to see how late I would go. She got sick of waiting at 11:15 and woke me up. Sweet! Nearly 11 hours of sleep. I really needed that. I'm still behind and a bit tired yet, but I felt a million times better today then I have in awhile.

I continued to follow the theme of this recovery period by eating pizza tonight. This is my last day to binge on pizza for the next four months so I decided to do it right. I got a Digiorno Thin and Crispy pepperoni pizza and ate the whole thing. It was only 1600 calories and 75 grams of fat. Since I'm a weirdo and like milk with my pizza that added another 200ish calories. Now that's how it's done. :) Then I chased that down with a couple beers and called it a night. I think today should help me gain back all the weight that I lost the last few months.

I planned on getting in around 10 miles today, but it just didn't work out. I'm not too worried about it. I will run for about an hour tomorrow before all the Father's Day festivities begin and then start my 16 week schedule on Monday. This is my plan for week #1 (I know it starts with Sunday, but I feel Monday is the first day.)

Sunday - 7 easy miles
Monday - ~20 min warm up; 3x1600m @5:51 pace with 1:00 recovery; 10 min cool down
Tuesday - Lift
Wednesday - ~20 miles to/from work
Thursday - 2 easy; 2 Short Tempo Speed (6:26); 2 easy
Friday - Rest Day (or make Wed rest day and do ~20 today)
Saturday - 13 miles with the group (schedule says 7:22 pace, but I'm sure it won't be that fast)
Week ~52 miles

Hmm, now that I have that down in print, that's a big week for #1. That should go well with my continued lack of sleep. Unfortunately, I still have 2 more weeks of hell left before things start to calm down. The goal will be to not get sick, but with that kind of effort combined with my burning the midnight oil there's a good chance it will happen.

I scheduled my certification exam for 11:45 on Friday the 27th. So as long as I pass, that should help put an end to all this madness. I think I will still be busy at work for awhile, but at least it will only be 1 thing and not 2 things that take up all my spare time.

The Cubs continue to dominate the majors. Nearly unstoppable hitting combined with top notch pitching makes for a great combination. Even though they recently lost the team leading home run hitter and lead-off man, they should continue to dominate. Go Cubbies!

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