Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Quick Post

Did a speed session on Monday. The goal was 3x1600m at 5:51 pace with 400m recoveries. As running and working continues to be more and more limited, I didn't expect much. The results weren't horrible, but also weren't great.
1 - 6:08.54, 169
R - 3:32.16, 122
2 - 5:55.62, 173
R - 3:29.19, 131
3 - 5:52.09, 176

As we are now out of the casual softball league, I'm now in one league. Our team is bad. We got our first win last week. We were ahead by 1 in the game tonight going into the top of the last inning. Our pitcher walked the first 2 batters who eventually both came around to score. We lost by one. Bummer! I got more action tonight in left field than I have in all the other games combined. It was nice to get the chance to make some plays. I ended up making 3 really good, tough plays amongst all the others. My hitting was much better tonight as well as they batted me lead off.

Tomorrow speed session will be 10 miler at 6:52 pace. I suspect this should be doable without too much work, as long as it's not really hot.

My eating still has not improved that much, but I have become more conscious of it and have been making some better decisions. Unfortunately, I've been and will likely be over the next couple days way to busy to keep track of everything in this journal. Writing it on a piece of paper will not have the same affect as putting it up here when I know others see it (even though they could care less).

Anyway, lots of other things to prepare for as other things are going on in life. I will post some of it in the coming days once things solidify a bit.

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