Monday, September 8, 2008

Quality Training Sessions

As my work and life schedules continue to only allow me quality running of quantity, I'm taking whatever I can get.

My schedule called for my Saturday run to be 15 miles at marathon pace + 10 seconds. That equates to a 7:02. As the route was tougher and hillier, I had no intention of running that fast. I was just looking for a good running session unlike my prior workouts. Ended up doing a touch over 16 miles at 7:19 pace with about 750 feet of ascending/descending. I definitely pushed it, but I felt good. I finished by doing the last two at 6:43 average. Not bad.

I was able to hit the gym on Sunday and got in about 1 hour of lifting and core exercises. Wow! I am getting so incredibly weak. I guess all this running (even though it's not nearly as much as I wanted) and stress are causing me to lose weight. That and the lack of working out has made me very weak. I better hit the gym before my daughter is born else I might not be able to carry her. :)

Today the schedule called for 10x400 at 5:26 pace (approx 81 seconds) with 400 recoveries. For each recovery, I decided to walk the first 200 fast and jo the next 200. I averaged 11:30 for each 400 recovery. I had enough in the tank today to jog the recoveries, but I felt like pushing harder during each interval. It went really well today and I was able to be fairly consistent the first half. I decided to pick it up a bit for the 2nd half and put in some very good times.
1 - 84s, (5:39), 169
2 - 81s, (5:27), 169
3 - 81s, (5:25), 166
4 - 78s, (5:13), 167
5 - 80s, (5:10), 171
6 - 77s, (5:12), 171
7 - 77s, (5:10), 171
8 - 77s, (5:11), 174
9 - 74s, (5:05), 175
10- 72s, (4:50), 177

Well, I'm back to night time working. So no more procrastinating.

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