Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Last Longer Tempo Run

I did a 10 mile tempo run last Wednesday and the schedule called for 8 miles today at race pace. As the temp was down and the tempo runs have been a bit on the quicker side, I figured this run would be a bit faster. I met Mike S. right at the start and he rode the 8 miles with me. We spent the hour talking which made this work out much harder than last week's. Both the 10 and 8 mile tempo runs were supposed to be at 6:52 pace. But as I've been slacking on the quantity of my workouts lately, I feel it's that much more important to stress the quality of the workouts I do get in. I averaged 6:40s for the 10 miler and 6:30s today for the 8 miler. Like I said, the 10 seconds per mile definitely felt harder than it should have been that I was talking the whole time. The speed of this work out wasn't one of those that fit into the saying that if you can't carry on a conversation while running, you're going to fast.

I did 8 miles in 52:03 with an average heart rate of 172. That approximately 90% for me. That's definitely a bit high, but as I've been too busy to work out too frequently, there should be plenty of recovery time built into my schedule.
1-6:26, 152
2-6:25, 168
3-6:31, 173
4-6:36, 173
5-6:40, 173
6-6:25, 177
7-6:27, 180
8-6:17, 181

I also heard from John A. today. He ran a 10 mile tempo today at 7:14 pace. He is shooting for a race time of 3:10. That's puts him right on track. Given that the race is easier than the course he ran today, he will go just fine.

Boston qualifiers, here we come.

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