Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Big Sports Day!

Not very much to report as far as running went today. The running partners bailed for one reason or another. So I was on my own. The schedule called for 13 at 6:52. As I was running a hilly course, I wasn't expecting anywhere close. It was a somewhat hard effort, but I came in averaging 7:18 per mile. It was more effort than I was wanting, but as it was so hilly, I'm ok with the time and energy. The race is now officially less than 2 weeks away. Sub 3 here I come.

There were 2 huge sports accomplishments today. First, the Cubs clinched the National League Central. This the 2nd straight year they have done this. Any idea when they last did it? Oh, it was some odd year of 1907 and 1908. We all know what happened then. I think it is meant to be. Even though they are not playing their best ball right now, they are still winning more than losing. Go Cubs!

The second big item of the day was in the FCS football league. Number 5 JMU was taking on #1 Appalachian St. Between the 2 teams, we have won the last FCS championships with App State taking down the last 3. JMU started down 21-0 by half time, but by the time all was said and done, we took them down, 35-32. Woohoo! Go Dukes!!!

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