Wednesday, July 9, 2008

June Monthly Summary

I did a 6 mile run today with a 4 mile tempo with a goal pace of 6:41 for the tempo. I felt pretty good during the run. I definitely felt the pace, but could have gone faster if needed. The actual pace was a bit quicker than goal pace. The 4 mile tempo average took 26:05 and I average 173 bpm. That's a 6:31.4 minute per mile average. That included some hills as it was done on the street. Here are the splits:
  1. 8:31.77, 139 bpm
  2. 6:28.47, 167 bpm
  3. 6:43.38, 173 bpm
  4. 6:29.97, 176 bpm
  5. 6:23.62, 177 bpm
  6. 7:52.52, 167 bpm

I know I'm way behind in providing my monthly summary for June. My schedule has been hectic along with being out of town at the beginning of the month is the reason for the delay. The numbers are off this month since I wasn't doing any heavy duty training, June was spent recovering from the Rock and Roll Marathon and a very hectic work schedule that caused me to lose lots of sleep and not be able to devote as much time for working out as I would normally like. For comparison, see June's summary.

Even though June's miles seemed way down, I still managed about 125 miles. That's not too bad for a down month.

I'm still on pace for my first 2,000 mile year, but barely. Since I've been so busy and taper/recovering from a marathon, I'm not barely on pace. I hope to step it up for the next couple months to give myself some buffer for when I taper for the next race. Plus, after October, I'm predicting that I won't be training for anything for some time. I guess the motivation of getting to 2,000 may help me at the end of the year when I'm not training for a race.

Looking at the weight numbers from June, it looks like I manage to lose muscle and gain a bit of fat. I guess that is expected when I don't go to the gym, don't exercise as much and eat very poorly. July should be slightly better and August noticeably better. With that said, I'm continuing to lose weight. Is that a good thing? I'm not sure. I think it's helping me to get faster, but I'm definitely weaker.

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