Monday, July 28, 2008

Speed Session - 6x800s

Another busy week is happening. Our release date at work just got bumped up by a week or two. That means that somewhat busy work schedule will become a very busy work schedule. As I already have tons of other non work related plans scheduled, I guess all the extra work happens at night for me again.

Today was speed work. The schedule called for 6 800s at 5:36 pace with 1:30 recovery. I'm just not fast enough to hit those times right now. I could do it for 1, 2 or maybe 3, but not 6. With that said, looking at my average HR during each, it looks like I could have pushed harder. Maybe I just need to work on my top effort. But then again, with the schedule I have coming up over the next week or two, maybe I'm better off doing this session.
1 - .50, 2:55, 168
2 - .50, 2:52, 170
3 - .50, 2:50, 171
4 - .50, 2:50, 172
5 - .50, 2:52, 173
6 - .50, 2:47, 174

The tentative running schedule for the rest of the week is tempo on Wednesday, running to/from work on Thursday and potentially the same 23 miler I did this past weekend again on Saturday. Phew! I'm going to be wiped out by the time noon on Saturday rolls around.

We have had some recent activity on the house. No offers yet, but there are people seeing it now and expressing interest. We had an open house on Sunday and have a couple more this week during the week and on the weekend. Fingers crossed. Hopefully we get a reasonable offer so we can start pursuing the houses we want to buy.

There is only 1 softball game for me this week as I have a bye in the competitive league this week. The beer league plays tomorrow. As I will start leaning towards not getting enough sleep again, I'm hoping that my level of play doesn't fall in the crapper again.

I guess that's enough procrastinating for now. I really need to get started working again.

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