Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In My Defense...

So I've been called out. In a post by Michelle she basically said that I've been slacking off and not upholding my reputation. See I've missed the last 2 weeks of MarcFit ATP. I have legitimate excuses so far. Last week I was out of town. Tonight I had a softball game. As it turns out, I will be playing softball games the next couple months on Tuesday so they will have plenty of time to drag my name down. No baby excuses for me yet. I'm sure there will be plenty coming in the future, but that is not my reason for "slacking" at this point.

I guess I will need to bump up my numbers just to make sure I keep my reputation. Tomorrow is a 6 miler witha 4 mile tempo run at 6:41 pace. It sounds like my project at work will be delayed a little bit so I may be able to start my commute runs again next week to get my weekly mileage back up to 50-70 miles per week. Plus this weekend is the first of 5 20 milers in preperation for St. George in October. I guess to truly redeem myself, I will need to start doing ESEs on my own.

I started playing softball in a competitive mens league at Poway Sportsplex. These games are timed and you only play 55 minutes. We were home and likely in the last inning. We were up by 6-4 with 2 outs. A bunch of hits and a couple errors later, we were down 5. WTF!?! We scored 3 in the home half to lose by 2. How much does that suck. To make matters worse, I hit like complete crap. I was 0-3 with 2 popups and a groundout. I should have stayed home and worked.

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Michelle Panik O'Neill said...

50-70 miles? Now that's the Eric I know.