Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bad Running Week

Since running tends to be a pretty big part in my life, I also want to add comments about my running. Who knows, maybe I'll post my training in the future as a way to tell people what works for me. My experience has been that the more information I can get from other people the more options I have. As most people know, there is not a "one size fits all" program that can be applied that will guarantee results. You need to constantly try new things to improve. There may be better programs out there, but more importantly, since you body does such a great job at adapting, you need to mix things up for constant improvement.

But I digress. The title of this blog indicates poor running and not running suggestions. Let's gewt to the point. I have been runing 4-5 days a week totaling 40-60 miles a week for the past few months. I have made a point at giving myself rest days (lesson learned very well a few years ago). So I'm pretty used to the miles and don't think I'm overtrained. About the time I bumped up my mileage, I started running to/from work 1-2 days a week. This totals 20-25 daily. Since I began doing this, my weekend 20 milers have become, well, for a lack of a better term, easy. I've been smoking them with plenty in the tank to do a pickup for the last 5K. However, on Saturday this past weekend, I ran 22 relatively hilly miles. I was wiped after this run. It was a bit warmer then it had been doing lately and there were definitely more hills then we have done lately. I guess that took a lot out of me. Monday I did an easy 5.5 miles and was lethargic and my legs felt dead. Tuesday's I do speed work. I felt the same way during that session. And now today I did a commute to work. I'm sure most of you are saying, "what an idiot". I know, "hard weekend needs recovery", "day after speed sessions need recovery", and "it doesn't sound like you give yourself much rest/recovery time". All true and this is probably the answer. Anyway, the run into work was pretty good. I felt better then I had in days. But the run home today was BRUTAL. I was going to do about 12.5, but had to change the route 1/3 of the way home to cut about 2 miles off it. I ended up walking about 4-5 times. I don't walk! As I sit here typing, my legs are tired. My hips are tired. I'm beat. I guess it's time for a day off. I'm already over 50 for the week and if I run on Friday like I was planning I'll hit 60 (with the week ending on Friday). I guess tomorrow is a day off and Friday will be a gym day. No sense working my way to overtraining.

Let's see, what else can be the cause. In general, my diet is not perfect. I eat plenty of things that I shouldn't. However, that is one of the reasons that I run. I love pizza and eat it every chance I get. But today I had bagels, yogurt and a chicken breast sandwhich on wheat. I don't think I can blame my diet today. In general, my diet is a possible cause, but I don't think it was the problem today.

Next cause... sleep. Hmm, I couldn't get to sleep last night and ended with about 5 hours of sleep. The night before I got about 4.5. The three days prior I probably averaged about 7. So that is about 6 hours a night for the past 5 nights and during that time I've run over 50 miles. Hmmm, we may have a winner. I know what I need to do, but I would just rather do stuff then sleep. See my first post and stay tuned for my next entry to see the things I do or want to do that keep me from sleeping. I love to get sleep; I just hate to go to sleep.

With that said, I think it's time to retire for the night and hopefully put an end to this vicious sleep cycle that I've gotten myself into. I'm at such a deficit for the past month that I'm dragging big time.

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