Thursday, March 5, 2009

Running Again

I've finally been able to start back running again this week. The ribs were still a bit sore on Monday, but I wanted to feel it out and see if I could start getting back into it again. It felt like a minor bruise with no real discomfort.

I feel like a newbie again. I did 4 miles on Monday and 5 1/2 on Tuesday. I was so incredibly sore on Wednesday. First of all, it was a bit slow (for me) and it was only 9 1/2 miles. Crazy. It didn't help that it was 87 degrees on Monday. :) (Sorry, had to add that in there.) I did another 5 1/2 today and averaged under 8s. Of course, my mind and natural gate want me to run faster than I am running, but my body is just not ready for that yet. My heart rate was way too high today given my effort level. I guess I just need to take it easy and ease my way back into it.

There are no race goals in the future. Unfortunately, both my qualifications for the Boston marathon expire this April. So if I ever want to do that race again, I'm going to have to re-qualify. Even if I was in shape, I still doubt I would have done it this year. Knowing that I was going to miss it this year for other reason and then suddenly being able to do it was just going to be too much I think.

So my goals are just to get back in shape again. I want to put in some running miles and get back into riding my bike again. I had recently started to do yoga and had really enjoyed it before taking about 5 or 6 weeks off due to vacation and injuries. I also hope to find some motivation again. I just don't have any these days. No motivation for much of anything. That reminds me, I just found out softball is coming up again. I love softball, but this is the least excited I've ever been for the start of a season.

That's it for now. Hopefully I will be back soon with updates (and excitement) on running, cycling, The Biggest Loser, American Idol, softball and all the other things I enjoy.

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