Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting Back on Track

I think my exercise is getting back on track. I've had two good weeks in a row of getting back to where I was. Last week I did 4 runs for a total of 20.64 miles in 2:45 with 1,100 feet of elevation. I was tired, sore and out of shape but flt good getting started again. This week I ran 35.1 miles in 5:35 with 2,300 ft of elevation in 4 runs. The interest to do more is definitely coming back. I wanted to push more during the runs, but forced myself to hold back. Next week I'm hoping to add 1 bike ride in the mix to start adding some cross training. I may try to ride to work one day and then run home. It feels good to have an interest in this again.

Someone brought up Boston again today. I have 5 weeks to get myself to the start line. It would not be a good showing for me, but I'm confident I could get myself to the finish line. I have no desire to do it though. Actually, I still have no desire to train for any race. I'm feeling good getting back into exercising and getting back into shape. I still have a ways to go, but it's a great start.

Not much else to report this week. There has been way too much going on with work and the house to do much else. I had been playing some micro limit stakes poker lately, but have been too busy to play this week. Unfortunately, I have a habit of playing too much and not getting enough sleep when I'm into it. With so much going on lately, there just wasn't time for it last week. Plus, I was way behind on sleep and needed to catch up a bit.

As I start getting back into things, hopefully I will have more to report on. Until I can get fully back into life mentally, the posts will likely continue to be sporadic. With that said, it feels good to have some positive things that make me feel good to report on again.

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