Wednesday, October 15, 2008

As We Prepare to Say Good-bye

We’ll never get to hold you,
Or look upon your face.
We’ll never get to show you,
Our love through our embrace.

We’ll never have the feeling,
Of you calling out to us.
We’ll never know the feeling,
Of you looking up to us.

Why you were taken away from us,
We’ll never really know.
We look around for a sign,
As to why you weren’t to grow.

There is nothing we can do right now
Our minds are an absolute mess.
There is confusion, sadness, sorry,
And anger I must confess.

Our tears can not bring you back,
Back into our world.
You are gone from us on this plain
We’ll meet again I know.

So until that time I'll say to you,
And you must listen to your mommy.
Watch out for us when we come one day,
Your mommy and your daddy.

Cameron Azrael & Krystal Sariel

Found at Angel Babies

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