Saturday, April 16, 2011

IFLC Macro Photography Week 2 - Day 7

I noticed today that my favorite subject changed shape again. I decided to practice a bit again today on this subject. I had to use flash again since the lighting is so bad in the room where I'm shooting. I will get back to the program and practice using the ideas from the lesson plan again next week. Also today I finally received a new purchase. I bought an SC-28 cable to pull the flash off my camera and not have to worry about line of sight when using the commander mode on my D90.

I definitely don't like the lighting on this shot. It shows a bit wider angle the change that took place from last night. I should have taken one more shot with the light in a different position, but I wanted to try out the extension tubes on my macro to see what would happen. 1/200s - f/40 - ISO 200
Week 2 - Day 7: Shot 1

I added all three Kenko extension tubes for an added 68mm to my 105mm macro lens. I slightly bumped the clarity and saturation in the camera. This shot really showcases the details coming out of this plant. 1/200s - f/40 - ISO 200
Week 2 - Day 7: Shot 2

I kept the tubes on for this shot and slightly backed off the minimum focus in an effort to show the entire base. Unfortunately trying to hold the flash in one hand and trying to steady the camera with the 105mm lens and the tubes in the other hand isn't the easiest task in the world. It takes time to try find the correct focus (which is very difficult in a room that is under lit) and it was difficult to remain steady. So I missed the composition that I was shooting for, but this shot still shows some nice details. 1/200s - f/51 - ISO 200
Week 2 - Day 7: Shot 3

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