Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 18: Play Ball

Day 18: Play Ball, originally uploaded by esmidt.

Keeping with the recent theme of up close photographs, I decided to shoot this baseball I found over the weekend. Feel free to critique the shot. I'm happy to accept any compositional (or other) suggestions you are willing to give.


Bryan said...

Hey, nice shot. I didn't even know you were into photography. Such a talented guy.

Anyway, I might think about the background of this shot a bit more. Close ups are neat, but the whole frame is important. You could experiment with different things in the fuzzy space behind the close up (or even reverse focus). A glove, a book, a hat, a little kid...all of those things would change the shot and its effect.

Just a thought from someone without your talent...I'm enjoying the pictures.

Eric Smidt said...

Yeah, I think you are right on this one. The problem is available time. I'm trying to do this project in the little spare time I can find at night. I'm limited in my time and resources. With that said, I definitely could have pulled off some of the ideas you mentioned. I'll consider that in the future. Thanks.