Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Speed Run

Well, I finally got back to doing an organized speed run today. This was my first in over 6 months. It felt pretty good. I could have pushed more, but at the same time, that was harder than I had pushed in a while. The 2nd 2 miles of the 3 mile tempo were into the wind with some slight inclines and I definitely felt that. I warmed up for 2 miles, did a 3 mile tempo at 6:26 pace and then 1 mile cool down. Not bad.

1 - 6:21, 171 bpm
2 - 6:29, 172 bpm
3 - 6:27, 173 bpm

Average - 6:25.7, 172 bpm

I hope to do 1-2 speed sessions a week and potentially put in a run to/from work here and there. Even though I'm not officially training for anything at this point, it's helping me get back into shape. There is the possibility of an October marathon or half marathon in my future. This work now can only help.

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